How to bathe newborn babies at home

Bathing for infants is complicated and difficult, especially for those who have a baby for the first time because the baby is very young. However, if properly applied, the method below bathing the child will not be the challenge of the father and mother again.

Prepare baby bathing tools

Bathtubs: Bathtubs should be designed specifically for babies because these bowls are designed with the standard structure and dimensions. Children should not be bathed in too large, too small pots or large pots, as this may cause difficulty in bathing.

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Towels: Two towelettes should be prepared, one for the bottom of the pot, one for the baby shower.

Bathroom Soap: Choose the type of bath soap specifically for babies. If you do not want your baby’s body exposed to chemicals too soon, you can use natural products such as lemon juice, coconut milk .. to bathe baby.

Disposable sanitary napkins, medical cotton, dry and clean towels

Prepare baby shower

The bathroom should be airtight, avoid the wind at a suitable temperature between 24 to 26 degrees Celsius. Do not move children to bathrooms in a long distance. If there is no enclosed bathroom, you can bathe your baby in his bedroom.

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How to bathe your baby

Step 1: Unpack the baby

Place a towel under the bottom of the pot to avoid slipping. Then pour the prepared bath water into the baby sink.

After pouring water, you undress to bathe baby. You should not remove all the clothes on your baby’s body at the same time. Note that take a bath to take off.

Step 2: Wash your face, baby limbs

Use a clean, absorbent cotton towel and squeeze dry. Then, you gently wipe the face and then the neck, ear. Absolutely not to let water penetrate the young ear.

Continue to clean the towel, dry and then wipe to the feet, hands baby. Carefully clean the folds, the arms, the legs of the child.

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Step 3: Clean the other parts.

After you have cleaned your arms and legs, you moved to clean your back, abdomen on your baby’s body. Wipe the neck from the neck down to the chest and then to the belly, then around the back and do the same.

Note that you need special attention to the umbilical region. It should be cleaned gently, avoiding water in the umbilical cord for maximum during bathing.

Step 4: Wash your hair

After cleaning all the baby’s body parts, gently lift the baby, dry the baby with a cotton swab and put the baby in a large towel to keep warm. Then, you hold the baby upright, using the hand to lift the head to avoid water in the face, eyes, ears, nose of the baby.

Apply lightly shampoo, massage your baby’s scalp gently for about 1 minute then rinse with clean warm water.

After you have finished shampooing, pick up a cotton pad and dry your baby’s head to avoid getting wet.

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Notes on bathing for infants

Before the shower

Make sure the room is not windy

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Bathing water needs to be warm, not bathed in cold water even in the summer

During the shower

Only baby shower when baby has fallen belly button. If baby has not dropped umbilical, should be wiped with gentle warm water.

During bathing, if the baby is uncomfortable, irritated, should not bathe for too long.

After shower

After bathing, warm the baby with a soft towel

Use cotton, medical alcohol to clean the area around the navel to avoid infection if the navel is soaked. Do not cover the umbilical cord after showering, to open the mouth and avoid rubbing against clothing or other items.

With the baby shower above, hope parents get useful information to take care of their angels.

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