How to cook a delicious carrot beef porridge for your baby to eat miles

How to cook beef porridge combined with carrots and green beans will be a great nutritional choice for mothers of children who eat miles or for those who need health. To cook the good meat porridge, the ingredients needed and the steps as follows.

Ingredients for beef porridge

  • Beef tenderloin: 100 grams
  • Tasty rice: 50 grams
  • Fragrant rice: 20 grams
  • Carrots: ½ bulbs
  • Beans: 20 grams
  • Fresh onion: 1 open
  • Seasoning: fish sauce, salt, pepper, seasoning seeds, sweeteners, cooking oil …

How to cook a delicious carrot beef porridge for your baby to eat miles 1

How to cook beef porridge

Step 1: Prepare the cooked rice porridge

Put the sticky rice and sticky rice mixed together and then clean. Wash the rice, you soak 3-4 times rice for soft rice seeds then pick out and dry and dry.

When the rice is dried, pour the rice into the pan and roast the whole hand. In the beef porridge, you just roast the rice until the grain of rice is dry, slightly sem. If you want more, you can still roast until golden.

Step 2: Prepare beef and carrots

Beef: Beef is bought after you have washed and then dried. Next, use a sliced ​​knife and beef minced. Finely chopped beef, minced beef with a bit of seasoning, fish sauce, pepper, oil to eat.

Carrots: Carrots are shredded and rinsed. Next, cut the carrot into slices and pomegranate. Put the carrots in a bowl and marinate with a little oil, spices.

How to cook a delicious carrot beef porridge for your baby to eat miles 2

Step 3: Cook porridge

Put the rice in the pan and pour the water into the porridge. When the congee boils, you pay attention to stirring and glazing to prevent the porridge from overflowing. After cooking porridge for about 15 minutes, add the carrot and add seasoning to taste just to eat.

Cook the porridge until the rice flour, the porridge is slightly comparable. At this time, the minced beef marinated and added 5 – 7 minutes more off the kitchen. Garnish and enjoy the hot bean sprouts, onion and finely chopped pepper.

Requirements of beef carrot porridge

Carrot beef porridge after finishing should reach a moderate level, not too thick and not too thin. Pomegranate carrots in medium need, not be crushed. In addition, the beef needs to be ripe, tender and not clotted.

Recipes for delicious beef porridge

In order to have a delicious beef porridge, you should use porridge for porridge. The most suitable bone for water retention is tubal bone or bones. In addition, you can also use ribs to preserve and make porridge beef ribs.

How to cook a delicious carrot beef porridge for your baby to eat miles 3

Along with glutinous rice and plain rice, you can also incorporate a bit of green bean soup into the soup to increase the taste and nutritional value of the porridge. Besides, you can also add other grains as you like.

When cooking baby porridge and want to enhance the fiber in the porridge, you should choose to cook the same vegetables in the same porridge as vegetables, pumpkin, chives … Depending on the age of the baby. This vegetable can be smoothed or cooked directly.

Beef is a delicious, nutritious and not too difficult or expensive to make. So, the way to cook beef porridge will be recipes of daily dishes that housewives can not ignore when the house has young children or new people sick.

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