How to cure nasal congestion in newborn

The way to cure nasal congestion safely and quickly away from the end will be with familiar methods will help her more comfortable, mother less anxiety.

How to cure stuffy nose with saline physiology

Physiological salt solution is very good antibacterial. Moreover, this type has been proven safe, can be used for infants. When using physiological saline, the airway of the child will become more airy, quick removal of foreign objects, nasal fluid. In addition, physiological saline also eliminates harmful bacteria in the nasal mucosa.

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To use physiological saline for asphyxia, do the following:

Step 1: Clean the mother’s hands. Clean the salt water jar, ensuring no stains or plastic edges are at risk of injury.

Step 2: Put the baby on his back, but his head is higher. Place the nozzle close to the nasal wall, slowly spray and press continuously to let the solution flow through the nostrils.

Step 3: Use a clean, soft towel and gently wipe away dirt, mucus, and nasal discharge. Do not overheat to prevent pain.

Note when using physiological saline: Do not use physiological saline injector in the nose. Do not overuse physiological saline to wash too much, avoid causing unnecessary injuries to children.

Sauna to remove nasal congestion

In addition to the use of physiological saline, mothers can also choose saunas when they have a stuffy nose. Steam does not only dilute the mucus in the nose and expel it faster, but it also helps the blood vessels, capillaries in the nose to function better.

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Steam therapy to relieve nasal congestion will be carried out in the following steps:

Step 1: Prepare the shower room. Boil a pot of water for steaming

Step 2: Close the bathroom door and then pour hot water into the sink and let steam rise. Steam for 7 – 10 minutes.

Step 3: When the baby’s nose begins to show signs of fluid drainage, not clogged, the mother patted her chest to speed up the process of breathing. Next, use a clean towel to clean the nose, clean the nasal area.

Applying essential oils and soles of the feet

You can use the wind oil or tiger oil (high yellow star) for babies to reach the soles of the feet. Besides, you should also apply a little more to the chest and back of the baby. This method will help to dilute the airway obstructive substances, make the baby easier to breathe, quickly remove stuffy nose.

Tips for cure nasal congestion

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Not only babies, gourd is also very prone to stuffy nose. When she suffers from a stuffy nose, she can also use all three methods of nasal congestion for infants.

These methods are safe, easy to implement and do not cause any adverse health effects. In addition, when pregnant, to prevent stuffy nose, nasal discharge should also pay attention to frequent nose cleaning, wearing masks every time out, as well as minimize the exposure to smoke, dust. dirty.

Here are some ways to cure nasal congestion in newborns as well as mothers elected. These are the methods that many parents adopt. However, if the baby is severe, mother should take her to the doctor to have the best method of management, so long will be difficult to treat.

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