How to make delicious Flan from fresh milk

Delicious flavors, attractive from the pieces of cake Flan makes everyone must love and can hardly forget the taste of cake when ever enjoy. Especially for children, most of them love to eat Flan because of the taste of delicious, fat and extremely nutritious.

make delicious Flan from fresh milk 1

Fresh milk flan ingredients include


  • Eggs: 4 berries.
  • Fresh milk: 50 ml.
  • Sugar: 60 grams.
  • Water filter: 100 ml.
  • Vanilla: 1 to 2 tubes.
  • Cups or bowls (to make cake).
  • Filter: 1 pcs.
  • Caramel ingredients:
  • Sugar: 60 grams.
  • Water filter: 100 ml.
  • Lemon juice: 1 tablespoon

make delicious Flan from fresh milk 2

How to make delicious flan as follows

Step 1: Caramel Processing:

First, you take a pot, put it on the stove and add sugar: water is 3: 2 and turn on the stove until it melts. Then, you chop chopsticks and then add about 5 to 10 minutes until the sugar turns brown to fry you off the kitchen. Let your flan have a characteristic fragrance, add a spoonful of fresh lemon juice.

make delicious Flan from fresh milk 3

You need to quickly put a layer of caramel into the mold while it is hot because caramel stiff fast. Next, place the mold in a cool place and wait for the caramel to cool and freeze.

Step 2: Make flan cake:

You have prepared 6 eggs, you beat two eggs with yolk and egg whites and four of you only take the yolk. Then, you put in a heavy with a little sugar and stir gently until all the sugar is dissolved (try to stir so lightly that no bubble appear to you).

You continue to dab in the pot and put on the stove, when you note not to boil but boil milk only to about 70 degrees C, you turn off the kitchen (if you boil milk or overheat milk. you will be broken).

make delicious Flan from fresh milk 4

Pour the prepared egg mixture into the milk pot and continue to beat. Beat gently and evenly to avoid mixing the foam and clotted eggs. Once you have finished, you should check the mixture, if the mixture is clotted, you should remove the powdered ingredients.

Add the vanilla and use a filter, filter the mixture once, so that your flan will be smooth and soft when finished.

You pour the finished filter into each cup to continue the next stage.

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Step 3: Make baking or steaming cake

Grilling: You need to have an oven ready for baking. Using boiling water, pour in the baking tray of the oven and put the mold into the inside of the baking tray has poured water. Put in the oven for 40 minutes (if the mold you can adjust the oven time longer).

make delicious Flan from fresh milk 5

Steam: You also need to have a steamer ready to boil, put on the stove and lighted up. Then, you place the flan in the pot and place a towel over the face of the cup (cover the towel to prevent the puddle from pitting when the water from the steamer falls down). You cook the cake with medium heat for 30 – 40 minutes, the cake will ripen.

Finally, when you eat the cake, you just turn the cake back to the plate and can add a bit of coffee, coconut milk or fresh fruits and ice cream, your cake will be more delicious.

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