Sunbathing method for newborn babies the right way

Sunbathing for newborn babies in the right way will not only help children be more bold with the outside world but also help children get very good vitamin D from the sun. What are the methods, methods of sunbathing for the scientific standard is defined what?

Sunbathing for infants: Choose the right time

Sunbathing is the first thing that mothers need to keep in mind when implementing this process for their baby. Often, we often see newborns raised by their parents outside in the morning. This is perfectly suited to scientific studies because the time between 6 and 9 am is the time when ultraviolet light and infrared light from the sun are very weak, so it is well suited to accelerate the process. Metabolism and metabolism of vitamin D.

Sunbathing method for newborn babies the right way 1

Apart from this period, another time that parents can hold their baby out of the sun is time after 5pm. At this time, the weak sunshine of the sun will help accelerate the body’s ability to absorb calcium, supporting the development of the bone system.

Sunbathing for infants: Do not take a bath for too long

Even though morning and afternoon sunshine is good for your baby’s development, it does not mean that you bathe your baby as long as possible. In fact, the total amount of sunshine time per day will depend on the age and location of each child.

On the advice of many experts, when the baby is two weeks old, parents can hold their baby out in the sun. Sun exposure time is only 5-10 minutes, then increase with age, age month. For neonatal time, the maximum amount of time per day should not exceed 30 – 35 minutes and close observation should be observed before, during and after the sun to adjust in time.

Sunbathing method for newborn babies the right way 2

Sunbathing for infants: Sunbathing is suitable for babies

Sunbathing for children by placing the child in the natural position, the most comfortable as when the baby bed. First, you let the sun shine on your back, followed by the sides of your body and finally your abdomen and chest.

For foot, hand, you still ensure wearing footbaths, baby gloves depending on the actual weather and gradually pull up clothes gradually after each bath. During the sunbath, you can combine with some exercises, stretching, massage the baby to make her body feel more comfortable.

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Notes on sunbathing for infants

Limit sunbath through the glass for baby

You should only sunbathe through the glass in the first 1-3 days to get used to the new environment, then the skin should be exposed directly to the sun in the next days. This is explained by the fact that the window glass blocks at least 50% of the rays that are responsible for the synthesis of the subcutaneous tissue and the further away from the glass the increased resistance.

Sunbathing method for newborn babies the right way 3

Wear light clothing when sunbathing

During the first time when sunbathing, the baby should wear normal clothes and remove the layers when the temperature of the baby increases. As soon as your baby’s body gets used to it and depending on the actual temperature of each season, you adjust the appropriate clothing layers when you bring the baby to the sun.

As far as the knowledge presented above, sunbathing for newborns is not just about bringing your baby out to sunbathing, but also following certain rules. Ideally, you should consult the experts as well as the experience of those who go ahead to get the best baby care knowledge.

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