35 Creative Pantry Shelving Ideas for 2024

Pantry shelving ideas are key to optimizing kitchen storage and keeping things organized. Good shelves make it easy to find what you need and save space. Adjustable shelves are handy for storing different items, from cans to big kitchen gadgets. When the shelves are set up well, it’s a breeze to grab ingredients while cooking. Whether you use wire racks or custom shelves, a smart pantry setup keeps the kitchen neat and user-friendly. 

Effective pantry shelving ideas play a crucial role in optimizing storage space and enhancing kitchen organization, providing efficient storage for groceries and kitchen essentials. Adjustable shelves can accommodate various items, from canned goods to bulky appliances. A well-designed pantry shelving system maximizes space utilization, promoting easy access to ingredients. Whether using wire racks or custom-built units, pantry shelving contributes to a tidy and functional culinary space.

pantry shelving ideas

Pantry shelving ideas

When picking shelves for your pantry, think about how they look, what they’re made of, and how they’re set up. This makes sure they not only look good but also work well. Check the height and depth of the shelves to fit your pantry stuff nicely. 

For the depth, it’s usually good to go for 12 to 14 inches. This depth works for lots of things like cans, boxes, and small kitchen stuff. If you have big things or kitchen gadgets, you might want deeper shelves, like 20 to 24 inches. But be careful, don’t go too deep, or things might get stuck at the back and be hard to reach or forget about. Make sure the shelves are just right for what you need. 

Wood shelving

wood shelving

Adding wood pantry shelving is a fantastic idea for your pantry. Wood shelves are not only sturdy and durable but also add a natural touch, making your pantry organized and stylish.

Open pantry shelving

open pantry shelving

Open pantry shelving creates a stylish and accessible kitchen storage solution. It involves shelves without doors, making it easy to grab essentials. This design adds a modern touch, showcasing your kitchen items and promoting easy organization. 

Metal pantry shelving

Have you considered adding metal shelves to your kitchen? They’re the perfect combination of utility and style. Their durable construction ensures the ability to support kitchen essentials, from cookware to small appliances, and they bring a modern touch, giving your kitchen a neat and tidy vibe. It’s not just about keeping things in order; it’s about making your kitchen well-organized with these metal shelves. 

Suspended shelving

Photo: marianne strong interiors

Another option for your pantry is suspended shelving. These shelves hang from the ceiling, usually with metal piping or wire hooks. It’s a unique way to save space, giving your pantry a trendy vibe. With suspended shelving, you get a chance to showcase your style and create a statement in your kitchen. Try it out for a fresh and stylish storage solution.

Butler’s pantry shelving 

butler’s pantry shelving 

Think about adding butler’s pantry shelving to your space! It’s a great way to keep things neat and easy to get. These shelves also add a touch of class to your pantry, making it look stylish and functional. With butler’s pantry shelving, you get extra storage space and a more organized, elegant pantry. Give it a shot for a practical and chic upgrade.

Pantry Door Shelving

pantry door shelving
Photo: Jay Wilde

Add shelves to your pantry door. This gives you more space to keep things organized, making it easy to find what you need when you open the door. 

Pull-Out Shelving

pantry door shelving

Make reaching items in your pantry easier with pull-out shelves. They slide out effortlessly, making it simple to grab what you need.

Floating Shelving

floating shelving

Install floating shelves for a neat look. These shelves don’t touch the floor, giving your pantry a clean and modern appearance while providing additional storage. 

Shallow Pantry Shelving

shallow pantry shelving

Optimize space with shallow shelving. This helps you keep things organized in a more compact way, ensuring nothing gets lost in the depths of your pantry. 

Corner Shelves

corner pantry shelving

Make use of the corners in your pantry by adding shelves there. This helps you use every bit of space efficiently and keeps your pantry well-organized. 

Adjustable Shelving

adjustable shelving

Make your pantry super versatile by getting adjustable shelves. With these, you can change the height of each shelf to fit what you’re storing. This comes in handy for all sizes, from big cereal boxes to tiny spice containers 

Bracket shelving

bracket shelving

Bracket Shelving refers to a type of shelving system that involves the use of brackets to support the shelves. These brackets are typically attached to the wall, providing stability and strength to the shelving unit. Bracket shelving is known for its durability and suitability for various storage needs. 

Pull-Down Shelves

pull-down shelves

Optimize high spaces with pull-down shelves. These are great for storing items that aren’t used every day, keeping them within reach when needed. 

Sliding Shelves

sliding shelves
Photo: Omega Cabinetry

Make your pantry better with sliding shelves. They slide out easily, helping you get to stuff at the back without any hassle. This makes keeping things organized more convenient. 

Rolling Pantry

rolling pantry

Upgrade your pantry with movable rolling shelves for added convenience. Easily switch things around and grab what you need from different angles, making your pantry more accessible and user-friendly. 

Glass open shelving

glass open shelving
photo: Jessica Nelson Design

Glass open shelving brings a chic and practical vibe to your kitchen. These transparent shelves create an airy look, showcasing dishes and essentials stylishly. Ideal for small spaces, the see-through design adds sophistication, making your pantry a functional and stylish focal point.

Basket Storage

basket storage

Use baskets for storage. They’re great for keeping similar items together and maintaining a clean and organized pantry.

Lazy Susans for Corner Cabinets 

lazy susans

Corner cabinets can be tricky to organize, but a lazy Susan is the perfect solution. Install a rotating lazy Susan to efficiently utilize corner spaces, providing easy access to jars, spices, and other pantry staples.

Tea and Coffee Station

tea and coffee station

Set up a special area just for your tea and coffee. Keep all your supplies together in one spot to make your morning routine easier and more organized.

Vintage Pantry Shelf

vintage pantry shelving idea

Add a vintage touch to your pantry with old-fashioned shelves. This not only organizes your items but also brings a classic feel to your space.

Pegboard Storage


Use a pegboard for storage. Hang things on it to keep them organized and easily accessible, making your pantry more efficient. 

DIY Crates

DIY pantry shelving idea

Create your storage with DIY crates. These homemade containers are perfect for organizing items in your pantry and adding a personal touch.

Acrylic Containers

acrylic container for pantry

Upgrade to clear acrylic containers for a modern and neat appearance. Perfect for keeping your snacks, cereals, and dry goods well-organized, and they add a stylish touch to your pantry.

Built-In Drawers

built-in drawer for pantry

Boost organization with built-in drawers. Great for small items, these drawers keep your pantry tidy and make it easy to find and grab whatever you need. 

Hanging Hooks

hanging hooks

Add extra storage with hooks. Perfect for hanging light things like utensils or bags, they use vertical space well, keeping your pantry floor clean and tidy. 

Wire Basket

wire basket
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Use wire baskets for storing fruits and vegetables, allowing for proper ventilation to keep produce fresh. 

Pantry ladder 

pantry ladder

Add a pantry ladder for reaching high shelves with ease. By incorporating a sliding or rolling ladder, you can safely and efficiently access items in those challenging spots. This practical addition ensures that every part of your pantry is easily reachable, simplifying the organization process. 

Magnetic Jars

magnetic jars

Attach magnetic jars to metal shelves for a unique and space-saving spice storage solution. 

Wall Spice Racks

spice racks on wall

Get more shelf room by putting up spice racks on your wall. Keep spices in order, visible, and close by. It not only makes things handy but also gives your pantry a practical and charming touch. 

Vertical Dividers

vertical dividers

Organize your pantry vertically with dividers. This helps separate items neatly, making it easy to find and access them.

Tiered Shelf Organization

tiered shelf organization

Organize your pantry with tiered shelves. This creates different levels for items, making everything visible and easily accessible. 


put labels on jars

Simplify your life by using labels! Put labels on your containers or shelves, so you always know where everything goes. This way, your pantry stays super organized and easy to navigate. 

Chalkboard Paint

 chalkboard paint

Make your pantry even better with chalkboard paint! Use it on doors or walls to write grocery lists, dates, or labels. It’s a fun and personal way to organize, making your pantry super easy to manage with some style.

Safety Edges

secure storage with shelves featuring protective edges

Secure your storage with shelves featuring protective edges. This design adds stability, preventing items from slipping off and enhancing the safety and organization of your space.  

Under-Shelf Lighting 

 putting lights under the shelves

Brighten up your pantry by putting lights under the shelves. This helps you see things better and makes your pantry feel welcoming. You can use LED strips or puck lights, and it’s easy to install them. This way, even the dark corners become brighter, making it easier for you to find things. 

How to build pantry shelving?

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